“Today we are all better prepared to face changing contexts.”

Claudia Peirano
Chairman of the Board.

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“2020 faced us with an unprecedented challenge.”

Marcela Marzolo
Executive Director.

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About us

Board of Directors 

Within the context of the suspension of face-to-face classes and the uncertainty affecting various fields, Fundación Educacional Oportunidad has reinforced the civil society’s commitment to continue contributing to the strengthening of the school system, with a focus placed on the development and learning of children in different districts of the country.

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Although the teams worked remotely in 2020, they were able to address the year’s challenges with flexibility, creating active networks with high participation, enhancing collaborative work through multiple strategies to maintain the bond and work with all children.

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Our programs

We Learn

We Learn is a teacher and leadership professional development program, that promotes the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language from early childhood, through a collaborative model with the participation of school communities and English-speaking professionals.

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Un Buen Comienzo (UBC)

Un Buen Comienzo is a teacher and leadership professional development program that seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of early childhood education through innovative methodologies, so that children can achieve a greater socio-emotional and language development.

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We coach

Despite the difficulties presented by the new remote modality, it was admirable to see how classroom and leadership teams were able to deploy an innovative and creative approach, collaboratively seeking to establish relevant pedagogic and leadership strategies.” 

Carolina Zúñiga,
Network and Local School Authorities Coordinator for the
Un Buen Comienzo program.


from a distance

In 2020, our Un Buen Comienzo and We Learn programs were forced to conduct the coaching of schools and classroom teams virtually, due to the suspension of face-to-face classes, as well as the distancing and movement restrictions set forth because of the pandemic.

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Continuous Improvement

What is the Psychology of Change?

In 2020, the Psychology of Change was part of the training plan of the school leadership teams participating in the Un Buen Comienzo program, to deliver tools relevant to the context of remote education in a pandemic setting. 

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How we measure 

“When the educational system was impacted at the beginning of pandemic, as a Foundation the first thing we did was approach the school communities to ascertain their status as well as their main needs. This made it possible for them to feel accompanied and listened to, and for us to make a relevant offer, in terms that made sense to them and allowed them to advance toward their goals.”

Marcela Marzolo,
Executive Director of Fundación Educacional Oportunidad.


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Interschool visits

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We Learn

How do I motivate my students to learn? How do I connect with my younger students? And how do we adjust the virtual class to low connectivity contexts? These were the three questions around which the teachers from the We Learn English language program were summoned, in the interschool visits that were held virtually between August 24th and 26th. 


The school leadership teams shared their leadership experiences at the initial level and generated a space for reflection and discussion on practices that can be sustained over time, specifically in the subject of Psychology of Change. 

Learning Sessions

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We Learn

Eight schools in Paihuano, six in Vicuña and four in Puerto Natales, that are part of the We Learn Improvement Network, met on December 15th to share the lessons learnt in this particular year, within the context of the first online Learning Session. 


The 141 schools of the 14 districts that are part of the Un Buen Comienzo program and Improvement Network, met on December 17th in the first online Learning Session, to share the strategies that allowed them to coach families and children of the early childhood level during the year of Covid-19. 

Network Communication

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Leadership webinars

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We learned

In 2020, we had to design a program that was to be implemented virtually, when it had originally been designed to be delivered face-to-face. During that journey, we learned how to implement flexibility, we strengthened collaborative work between different areas and programs, as well as with other organizations, and created resources catered to the needs of the year. We are certainly better prepared for 2021.”

María Virginia López,
Head of the Educational Management Area.


This year we worked with:

We Learn 

Un Buen Comienzo

Un Buen Comienzo
Improvement Network

















Preschool Teachers and Aids





English Teachers



School Principals and School
Academic Coordinators





Children and Students





A surprising 2020

“The members of the WL Network highlighted that 2020 brought education closer to students, empathizing with their realities. Collaboration with the families was at the heart of the learning processes, and the schools confirmed the significance of including them in these endeavors. There was a leap forward in this regard during 2020.”

Paz Collao,
Head of the We Learn Program.


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Unexpected lessons

“During 2020, we had a high degree of participation and adherence, because we accompanied the process that the schools were facing from the very beginning, firstly from a socio-emotional containment standpoint and, subsequently, bringing them closer to new support topics, such as the Psychology of Change.”

Perla Chávez,
Implementation Director for the
Un Buen Comienzo program.


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Resources to support learning

Behind every good material, there is a great team. In the case of the Foundation, the Educational Management area worked with the various areas and programs to provide quality resources to facilitate children’s learning, the work with families, the role of classroom teams, and collaborations with other organizations. 

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Curricular prioritization focused on early childhood education

What is curricular? What are the prioritization focal points? What considerations are required for its implementation?  

These, among other topics, are the contents of the course “Principles and guidelines for curricular prioritization in Early Childhood Education”, launched in June through Oportunidad en Línea, our online platform. 

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Teaching how to teach

Since 2019, we have established a partnership with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Diego Portales, to bring together experiences and evidence –both national and international– that contribute to the initial training of educators in language and initial literacy. This project will culminate with an E-book that will be published during the first semester of 2021.

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6th Expanding

From September 7th to 11th, we conducted a virtual version of the sixth international seminar on English teaching, “Expanding Opportunities”, jointly organized with Universidad de la Serena. Practices for distance learning and tools to strengthen teaching were shared on that occasion. 

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We innovate

In this particular year, we saw the need to get out of our comfort zone, extend our boundaries and explore new ways of continuing to reach administrators, teachers and children. We moved from the classroom to radio, television, online courses, and were forced to do things we never thought we would do, however, with the same enthusiasm as always.”

Trinidad Castro,
Head of the Foundation’s Transfer of Learning Area.


New allies: social media

In 2020, it was necessary to find new ways to connect with educators, children, and their families. Through Facebook and Instagram, we were able to stay present throughout the academic year, contributing to the social and emotional wellbeing and learning of students.

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UBC and We Learn on the Air!

The limited internet access of many children throughout Chile provided momentum to the search of new platforms and the furthering of distance learning. This led to the birth of “Escuchando Aprendo” (“I learn by hearing”) and “Con We Learn Aprendo Inglés” (“I learn English with We Learn”), two radio shows that accompanied learning endeavors in an innovative way, which aired for the first time this year.

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Online creativity

The schools participating in the We Learn and Un Buen Comienzo programs applied all their creativity to develop innovations and mechanisms to enable them to remotely continue with the children’s formative process. By applying various strategies, school leadership and classroom teams worked together with families to support the learning process throughout the year. Below, we present three success stories that took place within the school network. 

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The Word of the Day is…

More than 200 children and youngsters shared their English skills in videos, through the “The Word of the Day” initiative, an educational project created by the Live Language Theater, in conjunction with the We Learn team and schools. 

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Closer to teachers

In a challenging scenario for Chilean education, the Foundation launched the “Oportunidad en línea” (“On-line Opportunity”) platform, a free access and freely available online tool that enabled preschool teachers and aids, as well as classroom and school leadership teams to receive training in language strategies, natural sciences, and the promotion of classroom attendance. 

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A new era of learning

In its first stage, the platform offers courses focused on early childhood education. Courses will be launched in 2021, firstly to teach English from an early age, and subsequently, to provide training on leadership for school improvement.

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Let’s play! With Mario and Ela

In an academic year without face-to-face classes, the Foundation (with the support of UNICEF, the Undersecretariat of Early Childhood Education and the Chile Crece Contigo Program from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs) created its first animated children’s series titled “Let’s Play! With Mario and Ela”. 

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We Collaborate

Collaborative work and partnerships enable us to drive sustainable change. Alone, one can move faster, but together we can travel further; that’s why it’s essential to work in unison, learn from others, and take advantage of the complementary capacities of the various organizations, such as Fundación Educacional Oportunidad, with whom we are privileged to work and from which we always learn a lot.”

Joaquín Walker,
Executive Director of Elige Educar.


with TV

Taking advantage of the new educational tool TV Educa Chile (created by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the television channels grouped under ANATEL), as a Foundation we created material to support educators and parents in their use of this resource.

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Together we are stronger

In an uncertain context, in June 2020, we met with 10 affiliated foundations to connect, share experiences, acknowledge communicational challenges, identify common objectives, and generate a communicational support network. 

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We Have to Talk About Education

What education is needed to address the country’s social, cultural, climate and political challenges? How do we build an education for the 21st century? Why talk about education?

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United to fight school exclusion

In Chile, it is estimated that about 187,000 children and youngsters have not completed their school education and do not attend an educational establishment. During the pandemic, projections from the Ministry of Education show that this figure could reach 267,000 students that are currently in the schooling age. 

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A poster for the Carnegie Foundation

We delivered a presentation at the Education Improvement Congress, organized by the Carnegie Foundation in April 2020, through the poster titled “Implementing an Early Childhood Education Quality Improvement Network: Un Buen Comienzo”. 

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